Light Recovery



Whether you need recovery for a car, a van or a motorcycle, Highway Recovery are geared up to assist you.

We work with private 'one off' customers, as well as looking after numerous fleets for trade clients.

We are constantly updating our fleet of transporters ensuring that we are capable of recovering any type of car or light commercial. All our transporters are fitted with crew cabs with fully demountable slide beds and rear spectacle lifts. This ensures that we can load even the lowest of modern cars, also giving us the capability of recovering two vehicles at once whatever the size or type.

All our transporters are operated by fully trained recovery technicians who have good mechanical knowledge across a wide range of manufacturer's vehicles. This is important when understanding and carrying out the correct recovery procedures. All operatives are constantly updated with information regarding new models and motor manufacturer's specifications, giving confidence to the motorist with their vehicle specific knowledge.

Passenger comfort and safety are our priority. All our crew cab transporters are fitted with high back seats, height adjustable lap and diagonal seat belts and proper child seats for youngsters.

Rest assured your vehicle or fleet is in safe hands with us. We have been working for all the major motoring organisations for many years and have achieved ISO9001: 2000 & PAS-43-2006.

If your vehicle has been involved in an accident and is comprehensively insured, we can recover and store your vehicle, and pass our charges to your insurance company without you having to pay a penny.

Give us a call, or contact us, and we will be glad to help, whatever you need.